Joy has been practicing Kahuna Bodywork for over five years, working with a diverse range of clients - from those simply wanting to relax and destress to others with long term chronic illness and people who simply want to create an energetic shift in their lives. You can read some of the comments about this beautiful massage technique here. 


Ruth, Byron Bay

"Joy is a masterful bodyworker. I see her regularly as a part of my ongoing management for chronic pain, and can honestly say that she is one of the most gifted hands-on healing practitioners I have ever experienced. She has an exceptional natural flair for bodywork and combines this with an innately intuitive approach. This makes for a truly ‘wholistic’ treatment - One which not only eases physical pain and stiffness, but which also induces a deep state of relaxation within the body and creates the space required for tangible energetic shifts to occur, effortlessly. It is no exaggeration to say that oftentimes, the experience of Kahuna Bodywork with Joy can be quite powerful and moving. I always leave feeling totally rebalanced, reinvigorated and renewed. Needless to say, I highly recommend Joy as a practitioner, and would never dream of going anywhere else!"

Lisa, Adelaide

A Kahuna Bodywork from Joy is a truly transformative experience. Her knowledge as a therapist combined with the style of massage she does, makes me feel like every part of my body is being deeply healed while i retreat into blissful relaxation. I simply feel amazing.

Pippa, Melbourne

“I felt like I was stepping into another world through my kahuna massage with Joy – her energy, the space set up and the music created the tranquillity of a distant island where I could really fall into myself and surrender to healing. She held the energy of the traditions of Kahuna with powerful integrity and the bodywork was like a dance in its flow. I felt supported and nurtured by Joy’s presence and my body and mind felt both peaceful and rejuvenated afterwards. Thank you Joy, for this gift that you share with the world so naturally”

Drift, Sydney

My kahuna massage with Joy was really quite powerful. I have had many many massages in the past & I can honestly say it was the best I've ever had. Truly amazing! Very gifted lady......a beautiful experience, I would travel from Melbourne just for joys massage .

Stacey, Brisbane

"A true healer"