Connect back to yourself with Kahuna Bodywork 

Joy has been performing Kahuna Bodywork for over six years and is a highly experienced practitioner and trainer. She creates a compassionate and nurturing space in which clients are supported to shift old non-contributing patterns held in the body. Her bodywork is described as deeply transformative, intuitive and nurturing, allowing clients to truly connect back to themselves. 

One of the most gifted hands-on healing practitioners I have ever experienced....
— Ruth, Byron Bay

Both therapeutic and incredibly relaxing, Kahuna Massage can help to relieve aches, tension and stress in the body as well as provide support for challenging life situations or times of change. Every client presents their own unique landscape and lineage and Joy’s approach is individual to each one, working sensitively to help remove blocks and reconnect clients with their true sense of Self. Using long flowing rhythmic movements and the application of Ki energy, Kahuna Bodywork facilitates great healing within the body on both a physical and emotional/spritual level. 

A Kahuna Bodywork from Joy is a truly transformative experience
— Lisa, Adelaide

The experience of receiving Kahuna Bodywork is often described as a dance, one where all the cells of the body are set into motion and long forgotten parts of ourself come to dance together with us. And where there is movement, there can be change...

Kahuna Bodywork appointments in Byron Bay

Kahuna Massage appointments are available in Byron Bay and Suffolk Park. Click here to book your Kahuna Bodywork treatment.

About Joy

Joy started her Kahuna Bodywork  journey after a life-changing trip to Hawaii in 2011, when she gave up her career in marketing to pursue the healing arts. She came to Byron Bay, Australia to study in the Byron hinterland with Ki’a’i Ho’okahi Weber, a direct student of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, who was a native Hawaiian Kahuna and the creator of Kahuna Bodywork.

Since then she has been dedicated deepening her knowledge of Kahuna Massage and the ancient principles and practices that underpin it as well as training others in this beautiful work under the guidance of her teacher.

Joy is a certified Kahuna Bodywork practitioner and instructor at the Australian College of Kahuna Sciences. 

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