About Kahuna Bodywork


A massage like no other...

Kahuna Bodywork (Lomi Ka’aleleau) is a flowing and dynamic form of massage-like therapy. Kahuna Bodywork uses sensitivity and long flowing strokes to provide a space for clients to experience healing and wellbeing for themselves. With the aid of posture, leverage and motion, the practitioner is able to perform the bodywork according to the script of the client’s body and facilitate healing. This allows clients to regain balance and awareness. Kahuna Massage also enables both practitioner and client how to access pathways to physically, emotionally or spiritually unexplored areas within themselves.

Benefits of Kahuna Bodywork

  • Eases tired and aching muscles, stiff necks and headaches as well as providing relief from general fatigue
  • Assistance during times of change and transition or when you are feeling stuck in life
  • Relaxation and a deep sense of being nurtured on every level
  • Creates movement down to a cellular level of the body allowing old emotionally held patterns to shift 
  • Lymphatic drainage and removal of fluid retention
  • Gives you a deeper awareness of your self and connects you to your ancestral lineage

What happens in a Kahuna Bodywork?

During the session, rhythmical strokes are applied to the client. The rhythmical application of these massage-like strokes, applied with Ki energy, allows the client’s body to reorganise itself energetically on a cellular level into a more contributing pattern - something that does not happen with therapeutic and remedial massage. 

This means that when you receive a Kahuna Bodywork session, you are reaping the benefits of physical pain relief and relaxation, as well as a deeper realignment on emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Because of this, Kahu Abraham Kawai'i described this bodywork as ‘a physically based psycho spiritual transformation’, as it skips the busy mind and enters the body allowing the wisdom of our multifaceted beings to come forward.

A relaxed and pain free state is maintained throughout the session. Deeper work may involve specific focus and deep point pressure using leverage to release muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint movement techniques.